Acceptance is about Relationship

Relationship with yourself
Relationship with your Spiritual Heart
Relationship with Love




Be Conscious About Yourself

One of the main resistances to Love is the inability to accept ourselves as we are.

If you have limiting beliefs about whether or not, you deserve to be Loved, even though you may know that you are worthy, you may not FEEL worthy.

Do you tend to focus more on your flaws and failings?

If you don't Love and respect yourself, you will have a much harder time allowing Love into your life.

By speaking to and about yourself from a place of deep Love you allow yourself to begin to believe.

If you have trouble doing this and really FEELING it - you will need to work on it every day until you do truly believe it.

This is what Acceptance, the first in the series of In The Heart Programs, can do for you.

With the magnificent help of the Seraphim you will experience Seraphim Energy transforming your life.

In the Heart Programs gives you this opportunity by just listening and repeating the Declarations to Love written for you by the Seraphim.

By taking you into the space of Divine Love through the words, the music and the vibrations you are able to feel and truly believe you are loved and from this space of Love you can learn to Love yourself.

When you can believe in the possibilities they become your reality.

Resistance Fades Away

When you surrender to Divine Love resistance fades away, and is replaced with your potential as a Divine part of Love.

There is no struggling for the unrealistic or the unachievable. It is not about expecting the Divine to create the right life for you or change your reality.

You can receive and understand Acceptance when you learn surrender to Divine Love and accept this Love is for you. When you are immersed in this Love, worries and doubts leave you. This creates a bridge to the Divine inside where you know and recognize this Love.

In this Love, struggle ends and you are free to enjoy wholeness, wellness and happiness through a deepening connection to the Divine within. This amazing and beautiful connection to Love is easily available to you when you practice with focused intention.

You are so enrapt in Divine Love that your life becomes the reality of a blessing in Grace.

To live in acceptance is to live struggle-free, immersed in Divine Love.
Surrendering and falling into Love’s embrace.

In the Heart - Acceptance gives you the opportunity to be Divine Love every day with focused intention as you listen to the Daily Guidance and the Declaration to Love Connection Audio Cards.

Accepting yourself is the first step in a journey to becoming Love and allowing Love to guide your life instead of stress, worry and fear.


When you practice Loving Who You Are, you are giving to yourself.
You are allowing the Love within to touch you.
You touch each other, you give to Love and Love gives to you.


Using this Program

It takes determined effort and focus to make deep lasting changes.
This program is designed so you can make these changes each day, step by step.

Using the Declaration to Love audios daily and listening to the Meditations and Immersion will support you to feel this connection and open your heart to Love.

These audios are created so you can understand through a daily journey, one step at a time, the importance of accepting yourself as you are.

You will journey into the place of stillness in your heart as you listen to the daily Declaration to Love and feel this experience in a deep and beautiful way.



If you listen to each audio at least three times over a period of 30 days you will receive the most benefit and healing.

These powerful meditations assist you in meeting your inner genius and the Love you are.


The Declarations to Love
can help you return to the
Bliss of Love.


It is the relationship that matters, the intimacy that matters.
This is what allows you to receive the answers, the knowledge and the wisdom.

To receive all these benefits you have to practice, with determination, trust and belief.

It is not enough just to want change, you have to take action, you have to connect with Love many times through your day until it becomes who you are.

This dedicated practice is about bringing your mind and all your beliefs that have been shaped and created by your experiences in the world, into contact with the power and the presence of the Love within.

Because your mind is in the Bliss of Love, you are not trying to make sense of situations, trying to find answers or explanations. Then the Love within can give you a truer, clear picture of how things really are.



In just 10 or 15 minutes a day of connecting with Love
you can create amazing changes within your life.

You go deeper in the ocean of Love where peace is all around you, you are living in a moment of stillness.

As you become more aligned with this state, the Bliss of Love, you understand there is expansiveness and a deeper wisdom within you.

This is the power of your spiritual heart and your connection to the Divine Heart of the Beloved.

As you practice each day you can begin to relieve stress, allow clear insights and open doors within you, revealing a new expression of you step by step.

When you practice daily with kindness and patience with yourself expanding your awareness, you increase your intention, your connection to and confidence with Love.

When you listen to each Declaration to Love you are just floating in Love, free from the frustration, stress and the turbulence of life.

Personal Experiences of In the Heart- Loving Who I Am


Dear Saxon
On day three of this beautiful, uplifting, healing, and affirming program. This is just what I need right now to be focusing on healing and developing the experience of Divine Love within myself and this program is perfect!

I feel better already listening to your beautiful soothing voice and the Seraphim messages, declarations, and the immersion.

I love the declaration cards too and look at the one for the day throughout my day. This is helping me when I find myself dwelling in sadness or negative thoughts. "I choose love; I allow love to flow through me" and instantly my mental emotional experience is transformed by the energy of that loving declaration.

I would highly recommend In The Heart Acceptance program to anyone who is ready to experience the love that resides within their own heart.

From my heart to yours Priya ❤️




"Saxon has one huge talent: she can lend her voice to the Seraphim and express their energies in wonderful poetic words, that instantly open your heart to Divine Love.

She is a translator of the Seraphim. That´s how I met her and with her new program she has done it again!

Not only is the look and feel of the whole program absolutely unique and exceptional, but you can even feel the connection to the Seraphim from the first audio on.

I especially love the longer audios, but if you are not used to meditate for a longer time, the small portions will perfectly fit into your day and will guide you directly into the Peace and Love of the Seraphim.

This is their essence and through Saxon´s program you can invite this essence into your life too.

This program is not an option, but essential for all Lovers of the Divine and the Angels! Thank you, my dear Saxon. Can´t wait for your next angelic hit!"
Love Dieter


If you are ready to take the next step and purchase this program
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The New Powerful Audio Cards

When you can say yes to loving yourself and allowing the embrace of Divine Love
you experience the Blessings and Bliss of Love in your daily life.
It caresses your soul and your heart with Divine Grace without any conditions or limitations.

D e c l a r a t i o n   t o   L o v e   C a r d s  -  A u d i o   C a r d s   


In the Heart - Loving Who I Am includes the new
Audio Connection Cards.

These Audio Cards will assist you to feel the connection to Love even more deeply.

Audio Connection Cards were created to help you to connect with your heart in a simple but powerful way. To give you freedom from your limiting beliefs, to install passionate determination, loving dedication and open up to the truth of who you are.

There are also printable versions of these Audio Connection Cards in the accompanying PDF book and if you print them out you can take them with you to use with the audio cards during your day.

Find just a few minutes where you can regularly connect with your spiritual heart during your day. The more you do this the more this will become who you are.

By repeating a vibration or sound over and over, it will become part of you; it will become your mind; it will become you. Then there will be no separation between you and the vibration of Love.

Through your breath and connection with your heart in just a few minutes set aside in your day you will find this is the most powerful cure to relieve stress and anxiety.


 A u d i o   C a r d   # 4

Demo Audio Card #4

Listen to an Audio Connection Card and repeat for yourself.
Allow Love to rise all around you as you listen and receive.


Loving Who I Am Quote Cards

D a i l y   I n s p i r  a t i o n a l   Q u o t e   C a r d s

Loving Who I Am Quote Cards

These are gentle reminders that you are Love and how to easily accept yourself as you are right now.

Print them out and place them around your home or in your workplace to inspire you to continue your journey to acceptance.



With In the Heart - Loving Who I Am Contains
—  24 audio files and a pdf Booklet  —

In the Heart - Loving Who I Am
is an online program so you can work at your own pace and listen to each audio again and again.
All files are downloadable MP3s or PDF.


This accompanying book goes deeper into the understanding of Acceptance and how to use this program. It also contains printable Declaration to Love Connection cards.

c l i c k   o n   i m a g e   t o   e n l a r g e


These audios are created so you can understand through a daily journey, one step at a time, the importance of accepting yourself as you are. 
Each daily audio begins with a brief introduction, followed by guidance from the Seraphim. Then you listen to the Declaration to Love and feel this experience in a deep and beautiful way.

If you listen to each audio at least three times over a period of 30 days you will receive the most benefit and healing.

10 x mp3 files


c l i c k   o n   i m a g e   t o   e n l a r g e


By using the Declarations to Love you will feel Love within you rising up and expanding all around you.

These short audios are to support you to feel this connection and to use together with the Declaration to Love cards found in the accompanying book.

In these few minutes you can begin releasing the demands of daily life and touch the Love within.

10 x mp3 files


c l i c k   o n   i m a g e   t o   e n l a r g e


These three audios take you even deeper into the possibilities of you for healing and restoring.

Audio 1
Learning to Love Yourself
Loving yourself as you are empowers you with the confidence and certainty of your inner wisdom.


Audio 2 
Allowing Love to Soothe You
away and heartache and sorrow and deepen Love for yourself.

Audio 3 
Be Kind to Yourself
Be kind to yourself, talk to your body, and appreciate your mind and emotions.



3 x mp3 files


c l i c k   o n   i m a g e   t o   e n l a r g e


This 30-minute audio is a beautiful, deeply powerful,
but sweet and soothing immersion experience of Seraphim Energy through the devotion of the Seraphim.
You can listen to this immersion before you go to sleep or to help you relax and unwind as you sleep.

30 min mp3



When you immerse yourself daily in the Declarations to Love you will receive:


Constantly practicing to be with Love will enable you to instantly move into a relaxed state. From this state of calm and peace you can achieve a sense of happiness and comfort with who you are. 



Your deepening connection to Love enables you listen to your inner guidance so you become more confident in your choices. This allows you to take positive action based on your own power and wisdom.


When you can accept who you are without judgement and criticism you naturally open up to the Divine Heart within you. Love allows you this magnificent direct connection to the Divine and the infinite source of Love and Grace. Divine Love is the love of the Divine that we all hold in our hearts.


As you relax through your expanding connection to Love you are able to manage and relieve any stress that happens in your daily life. You can easily access the healing power of Divine Love which is the most powerful healing energy available.


Whenever you feel exhausted, overwhelmed, stressed you can connect with Love. As you practice more and more you live through your inner guidance so you are emotionally prepared to handle and deal with problems and challenges as they arise. 



This program is available to you
now for $120

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Personal Experience of Seraphim Energy

"Dear Saxon

After our class I wanted to type in on the webcast page, but all I could do was sit there in that huge vortex of Love and Light and just BE. And I am still beyond words. Still feeling that I am in that Light wherever I go, whatever I am doing, the Light is there. And knowing it will never leave me I received healing on so many levels. It feels as if a huge grey veil has been lifted and all is bright and clear again. A clear way to see new possibilities, a new look upon life, a new understanding of the Universe, a shift in what I once thought to be truth-my truth. My body feels different also. Stronger, healthier.

I love the beauty of the words spoken by you, the beauty of the music, to be enjoyed in the months to come. I sleep so deep after the sleep meditation! And I feel very refreshed in the morning, despite the fact that I am absolutely sure that the Seraphim teach me and show me the higher dimensions."

"Dear Saxon,

The Angels are amazing!  As the Immersion began, my heart again filled my chest.  When this happens, it feels like the wings of a butterfly spanning from one shoulder to the other.  I could feel a strong, steady heartbeat later as time passed.  I could see my Guardian wrap his wings around me in a comforting embrace and after holding me this way for a few moments, we flew off in this embrace, soaring high into the sky.  I could feel my spirits rise and when he released me, I began to dance joyfully.  I was graceful, and full of life.  I was clothed in the colors of all of the chakras and they shimmered beautifully. 

It is true that we feel gratitude during moments of joy.  I suppose the trick is to learn to feel gratitude in each and every carry it forward.  That is something worthwhile isn't it?  A much more worthy goal than striving for perfection and then feeling unworthy!

Oh the joys of undoing the ways we were raised!

Thanks to you and the Seraphim for this.... Cathie"


"Dearest Saxon,

Words cannot express how blessed I feel to have been on this amazing journey with you. What we have received went beyond my expectation. The powerful transmissions expanded my heart and filled it with overflowing love.  I know now that Divine Grace is flowing through me and is a part of my life touching everyone around me.  I’m surprised to see how joy arises, for no apparent reason, in people I’m in contact with. Also, must say how much I have enjoyed the heavenly music accompanying the transmissions. I don’t know where you get the beautiful music from but they are truly magical. I feel the vibration of the sounds resonating in every cell of my body.

So appreciate all that has been gifted to us and ever, ever so grateful for your loving guidance, your dedication to bring such amazing blessings to each one of us. We felt loved and nurtured for the whole six weeks and did not want it to end. This is truly an experience of Divine Grace. Thank you, thank you so much.  Love and Blessings...


"Dear Saxon,

Thank you very much for an incredible journey and your beautiful gracious heart!  I’ve received so much more than I could ever have anticipated.

My life is blessed because of you.  What an amazing gift you have and such a clear connection with the Seraphim.

I have felt myself shift over the last couple of months, but when you spoke my name today, I knew for sure that my life has changed forever.

The connection was so profound and so expansive I thought my chest would open wide.

Although I am sorry to see this journey come to an end, I will continue and further my connection to Divine.

Hopefully one day soon we will be working together again.

God Bless Saxon.

Much love2 and appreciation,




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