In the Heart Series

T O   O P E N  T H E   H E A R T   C O N N E C T I O N

 When most people think of the heart
they associate it with sentimental or emotional relationships or situations.
They speak from the mind as the heart, as if the mind could ever understand
the wisdom of the Spiritual Heart.

But you can never understand this profound wisdom with your mind;
you have to understand it first with your Spiritual Heart.

It can only be heard and understood from the beauty and magnificence
of your part of the Divine.


In the Heart Programs offer you the opportunity to open to

The Power of the Open Heart Connection

The greatest power of the Heart is Divine Union and an Open Heart.


Divine Union

Divine Union creates within you an Open Heart that engages the knowledge, wisdom and attitudes of enlightenment.

Divine Union is created when your mind starts to understand the energy of your heart.

When your mind opens to the silence of the heart you become integrated with the wisdom of the heart then your life begins to unfold into this limitless place of joy and abundance.

The Open Heart

When you live from the perspective of The Open Heart you have insight, self-awareness, self-worth, empathy and compassion, and you can use your loving wisdom to influence and make a significant impact to your life and the lives of others. 

The Open Heart is an expansion, an experience, a life state. It is not something you do, or learn to do, it is just allowing yourself to just be.



Connecting with the Silence of the Heart

You may spend a lot of time trying to put the feelings you have in your heart into words, to connect with others from this sacred space, your passions, your emotions, and your Love.

If you are trying to translate your heart’s whisper into words that only your mind understands, you will miss the most profound experience the heart has to offer, the Silence of the Heart.

When you are embraced in the sweetness of Love every day, life becomes a beautiful journey of unfolding and expansion into the wisdom of your heart.

In the Heart is a series of programs devoted to embracing RESISTANCE TO LOVE.

Each individual program will focus on a different aspect of Love and illuminating any resistance so it can be understood and embraced as part of who you are.

In The Heart Programs give you the opportunity to immerse yourself in Love and Peace and to create permanent changes in your life.

In the Heart are online programs
so you can work at your own pace and listen to each audio again and again. All files are downloadable MP3s or PDF.


To Experience the Sweetness of the
Seraphim Energy

Through these series of programs, you will experience the sweetness of the Seraphim Energy
as you open up more and more to Love.
Deepening your connection to the loving presence of the Divine inside as you find your way to who you are.

When you live your life from the heart you invite this deep connection to Love
which naturally expands your desire, devotion and commitment for yourself.

Through the Declarations to Love
you will be supported to illuminate the resistance that hinders and obstructs your connection
to the sacred space of your Spiritual Heart.

It is here you are able to realize your magnificence.


The Journey to Love Begins With You

Do you wonder
How can I love myself? How can I love myself as I am?

In the Heart Programs show you how to connect with the Divine Heart,
the all-encompassing love of the Divine.
This is about being loved, being embraced without criticism or judgement
like the soft and gentle cocoon of the Mother’s Love.
But Divine Love is not personal Love, it is not emotional Love,
it is a spiritual force, the mightiest of all forces and power. 



Do you yearn for the precious moments
when you can unwind, restore and recover?

The Seraphim are creating this space by their words and the Seraphim Energy
so that you can experience the peace of silence.



In the Heart Program Series begins with

When you practice Acceptance, you are giving to yourself.
You are allowing the Love within to touch you.

Listen to a demo audio card from the first program - LOVING WHO I AM.
Just listen and receive Love.


Listen the Demo Audio Card #2


-    Loving Who I Am    i s    A v a i l a b l e    N o w    -

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The New Connection Cards

A u d i o   C o n n e c t i o n   C a r d s

A u d i o   C o n n e c t i o n   C a r d s

A c c e p t a n c e   Q u o t e   C a r d s

A c c e p t a n c e   Q u o t e   C a r d s


The Power of  Audio Connection Cards and Loving Who I Am Quote Cards

These programs include the new Audio Connection Cards. These Audio Cards will assist you to feel the connection to Love even more deeply.

Audio Connection Cards were created to help you to connect with your heart in a simple but powerful way. To give you freedom from your limiting beliefs, to install passionate determination, loving dedication and open up to the truth of who you are.

There are also printable versions of these Audio Connection Cards in the accompanying PDF books. If you print them out you can take them with you to use with the audio cards during your day.


 Find just a few minutes where you can regularly connect with your spiritual heart during your day. The more you do this the more this will become who you are.

By repeating a vibration or sound over and over, it will become part of you; it will become your mind; it will become you. Then there will be no separation between you and the vibration of Love.

Through your breath and connection with your heart in just a few minutes set aside in your day you will find this is the most powerful cure to relieve stress and anxiety.

These cards are gentle reminders that you are Love and how to easily accept yourself.

-    Loving Who I Am    i sA v a i l a b l e    N o w    -

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Pillars of the Heart

In the Heart Programs will explore each of these Pillars of the Heart so you can develop a closer and deeper connection to your spiritual heart by embracing the RESISTANCE TO LOVE you are holding in these areas.

Loving Who I Am, Forgiveness, Courage, Love, Peace, Gratitude, Compassion and Grace.

When you experience the intense power of Divine Love through the Seraphim Energy you crave it, as a beautiful intense passion.

That is because you are experiencing who you really are, it is like begin home again embraced in your soul and eternity.


Working with Forgiveness may seem frightening and overwhelming but you do not have to do this alone you are supported by the energy of Grace at all times

Being in connection with Grace is not a just matter of intense prayer, or study, or contemplation, it is a moment to moment state of being. When you can acknowledge the Divine in you, you can become you want to be.

When you deepen your connection to Divine Love you receive the power and strength, compassion and clarity to make decisions and take action based on truth and kindness for yourself.

When you reach the state of inner Peace nothing in the outside world will be a conflict or a major problem anymore.

Gratitude is a bridge to Peace and Love.  Gratitude is a way of accessing all your desires, accessing your soul, the Angels and the Divine.


In the Heart Series - Loving Who I Am is available now. 
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