Saxon Knight


An Experience of Love,
Light and Encouragement

My role with the Seraphim is to assist you to open your heart to Divine Grace and allow the magnificence of the Divine to flow through.


Message from Saxon Knight

I would like to share with you how to access the gracious Seraphim Energy
so you can experience the joy and sweetness for yourself.


My Experience with Seraphim Angels

It is with the utmost honor and joy I work in partnership with the Seraphim and through their love and devotion I have experienced the most glorious feeling of who I am as a treasured part of the Divine energy of Grace.

It is my greatest wish that you can experience this for yourself.  

What I would like to share with you is the experience and knowledge of how this connection feels. How it is an extension of you and how essential it is to your development, happiness and joy.

How developing this strong bond and oneness with Angels will create a life of deep connection and take you beyond what you think is possible, into the realms of eternal peace and Grace.

My personal connection with the Seraphim is about feeling and experience.
I feel them as a fiery passionate energy of great devotion and love.  It is a powerful and deep direct experience in my physical body.

I am part of this relationship as a contributor, a soul to soul partnership. I contribute my wisdom and understanding to everything I receive from the words to the energy.

That is how they work with us, including our divine gifts in the process. This is why I love them so much because they acknowledge our greatness and we can feel that through the words and the Seraphim Energy.The more I work with the Seraphim the more I understand and the more wisdom is accessible to me the more I change and expand.


We are all part of the Divine

We are all part of the Divine, so there is a oneness not only with these beautiful Angels but with everything that has ever been created.

The Seraphim are the experts in bringing to us an immense healing force that we can use to find love within us and it is this love that can carry us through our life much more smoothly. When you realize that you have this magnificent part of you, you can bring it into your life to ease any pain and suffering.

Working with the Seraphim Angels will start the process of remembering and of recognizing who you are and your unique connection with Divine Grace and Divine Peace.

The Seraphim can take you from living in your mind and into your spiritual heart where truth and perfect love can be found instead of holding onto self-loathing, unworthiness and fear. Always remember you are loved more than you could ever know.


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Finding yourself in the presence of Grace

Seraphim Angels work with us so we can experience ourselves in a new and exciting way. They allow you to expand into grace and expand into your own wisdom and completeness.

When you accept and embrace Divine Grace a golden bridge of light is created from where you can see your beliefs and limitations from an elevated, brilliant new perspective.

From this higher vantage point you are unattached to the painful emotions and can only see the opportunities and experiences within them.

The Seraphim Angels are dedicated to us and our growth for if we do not work on ourselves how are we to be able to teach others the depth and meaning of what we are receiving.


Seraphim Energy Experience


What you desire will not always come in the way you understand
but it will always come.

For we are within your heart sharing your choices and decisions
and allowing you to see which way to go.


Personal Experiences

"Dear Saxon

I caught a cold from my daughter. I was having a great deal of difficulty breathing, to the point it woke me up. I could feel the intercostal muscles straining to draw air into my lungs and nothing seemed to help. I remembered reading your post and asked the Seraphim to help by imagining the picture and words. The relief was immediately forthcoming and I still feel their wings wrapped around me. Thank you, Saxon, for sharing. They asked that I write this in exchange. :) Lyn"


"Saxon you have been given the ability to speak with a tone that embodies pure love.  We can hear that when you are conveying the messages from the Seraphim.  I have never been so moved by someone's voice as yours, it goes straight to the heart.  I know it is the Angels that use your voice - what a perfect vehicle you are for them to speak though."


"Saxon Knight is the best Angel healer and I have been around with special people like her and I can really say, all her advice has helped me a lot.

Thank you, Monica"


In Loving Devotion
The Seraphim