The Seraphim School of Universal Light


In this sacred space of the Seraphim School of Universal Light we can come together in peace and respect for our own unique spiritual journey.

This is where The Seraphim School of Universal Light can be found and where you can have access to the teachings and guidance of the Seraphim in a fabulous and creative way.

SOUL created by The Seraphim is a project where Seraphim and human can co-exist in honor and wonder for each other - in love and devotion, peace and clarity.

You can learn about who you are and how to deepen the amazing connection to your soul and the Divine and move out into the world within this solid foundation.

The Seraphim School of Universal Light is a sacred space growing and expanding in unity and love with the Seraphim, a mutually beneficial agreement ensuring growth and expansion, a loving union of trust and love.

Here is where you can experience the energy of the Seraphim, the Breath and the Fire.


A New Experience 
A New Journey

This does not mean it will be arduous and challenging but it will take practice, determination, passionate intent and devotion to yourself.

This is the only way to overcome the conditioning and connection to all the lower thoughts and beliefs that hold you back. By immersing yourself in the Seraphim Energy of Fire and Breath regularly it can become a way of life.

SOUL allows you the experience of connection and with the assistance of the Seraphim you can find your own way, your own path.

However no amount of astounding words filled with the wisdom of the universe can sustain your awakening.

The only way to reach your own level of awakening is through connection to your soul and to Divine Grace.

While your mind is in total control of your life there is much more difficult to advance into true awakening.

This is a rare and unique opportunity to gain more understanding and deepen your connection to the Seraphim.

The Seraphim School of Universal Light is a gathering of the Seraphim on Earth, the union of Seraphim and human.

Here you can learn how to become the presence of grace supported by the power and devotion of the Seraphim.

They will show you how to free yourself, and move into your spiritual heart - to live an awakened life, and be a beacon of Light for others.

With incredible ease and grace, the Seraphim Angels share their universal truths that you can integrate, into all aspects of your life.

The Seraphim have created SOUL to assist everyone who is searching for the light and truth of who they are and are willing to take action.


No words can express the experience of Grace

The exchange of Divine Wisdom, Divine Light and Divinity itself does not rely on words.

The Seraphim communicate through their intention. Not in the way we understand it, but by using the power of Love. They join in a common union, a common bond, although to us is it uncommon.

This bond brings intensity, unity and oneness.

If we receive this bond only through words and understand only through our mind, we feel the separation.

But if on the other hand you receive through your spiritual heart, words are not required or needed.

You can receive through your spiritual heart, bypassing your conscious mind.

It is very important to the Seraphim that you understand the true nature of Angels so you can more easily assimilate and accept the energetic immersions.

Many people believe that they will never be able to connect with angels and it may not be possible to change this perception.

Some people are willing to accept what they know or have been told by others as the truth and not try to expand into deeper understanding,it would upset every belief.

There are many teachings about angels that are generally accepted but have an open mind as you go through the information from the Seraphim here for you and be prepared to take on board new information that you may at first find different from what you already know.

However don’t just accept it, but engage with it, feel it, experience it and begin to look at the new possibilities that will be offered to you by the Seraphim.

You are here because you want to expand and realize your potential. Let us find your brilliance and magnificence together.

You are not being coerced, or forced to accept anything, but being offered possibilities and you decide whether to accept them or not.

Many people are in awe of the energetic exchange that takes place when connecting with Angels. They can believe it is difficult and requires rituals, worship and adoration and complete subservience to a higher power.

But here in the Seraphim School we understand and believe that is not true.

The Angels come in love and service to us. They require no declaration of obedience and observance. No confessions or contracts of allegiance, just Love.



Seraphim Energy Experience



Become the Presence of Grace
supported by the Seraphim

The Seraphim will show you how to free yourself, and your spiritual heart - to live an awakened life, and be a beacon of Light for others.

The greatest benefit of the Seraphim immersions, is immense freedom.

Freedom from things, that hold you in limitation, such as emotions of sadness, regret, shame and guilt, circumstances that you feel you have no control over, and relationships, that you feel are lacking respect, honor and integrity.

 You can receive freedom, to experience the people, circumstances and situations that expand your life, so you are really living to your fullest potential.

 With incredible ease and grace, the Seraphim share their universal truths, that you can integrate, into all aspects of your life.

 When you receive the power, held within Divine Grace, your understanding of everything is enhanced, and your life exceeds, beyond anything you thought was possible.

 You will be able to look at yourself, your life, and everyone and everything, in a completely new and effortless way.

 You realize your potential is waiting for you, not out of reach—it is not something you have to achieve—it is right here now.

 Surrendering to the real you, and emotional healing work takes courage. Having a strong inner foundation, trust in yourself and The Divine, to move through these feelings brings Grace.

 One of the greatest gifts, you can give yourself today, is liberating yourself into awakening.
Awakening is not just your choice; it is your soul commitment.

When you are in harmony with yourself, all the powers of the universe will support you, and bring you all that you need.

 As an energetic being, you are continually shifting, growing and evolving. You cannot hide your light any longer.

When you allow the heart of presence to be unleashed. When you are in harmony with yourself, all the powers of the universe will support you, to bring you all that you need.

As long as you rely on your mind, to guide your life, you will still be under the control, of fear and limitations, and obstructed, from living within your purpose.

 Your mind sees life, through a narrow perspective of constraints, problems, and struggles.

Your spiritual heart, on the other hand, sees life filled with rich possibilities, and potential.

What would your life be like, if you lived from a more awakened state of consciousness?

What would it be like for you, if everything you did, was attracted into your life, from love and joy; experiencing Grace, and feeling fully supported, by the Divine power of your understanding, in every moment?

This is a journey of commitment, that includes passion, and dedication ,and the courage of a warrior.

You have the power within, to free your spiritual heart, to more fully embrace the wonder, and magnificence ,you are meant to be in the world ,and receive all treasures of the universe, that are yours to receive.

 Your intention is extremely powerful, and it can make the difference, between moving into an awakened state of being, or not moving forward as far as you wish.



Personal Experiences

"I have just finished listening to your stunning talk and - as you know personally - words cannot possibly describe what I am experiencing at this moment. I was very directly led to you this morning - and an outrageous wash of Divine Love, Understanding, and Peace has cleansed my awakened Heart...

So many pieces of my puzzle just came into **clarity and I am beyond grateful for your loving Heart, your courage to listen, and your intense compassion to speak for the Seraphim."


"Thank you Saxon what lovely words and declaration to know that we are Divine beings.

I need to hear this often so that I can relax into being that I want to be and to be in a state of love and compassion without my ego getting in the way. I am human and sometimes I falter.

With love and light. Declan, Ireland"


"Saxon, thank you for sharing with us.  This is an amazing journey.  Even with all the outer world challenges that have been around me - for the first time that I can ever recall I am staying in a peaceful place which has been so amazing.
Thank you, Tina, US"



In Loving Devotion
The Seraphim