Saxon Knight

Saxon’s connection with Seraphim is a gateway to Divine Grace through the Seraphim Angels. As a gateway within this beautiful connection with the Seraphim she is here to facilitate this union, to assist others to gain oneness with their part of the Divine.

Her role with the Seraphim is not to teach you how to connect with them, but to allow you the experience of connection so that you will find your own way.

It was in 2008 that Saxon was first introduced to the Seraphim Energy and with practice, dedication and intent she has established an amazing and powerful partnership of Divine Grace with the Seraphim to become the presence of Grace supported by the Seraphim.

Through working with the Seraphim, Saxon knows that she was always meant to reach this place of peace of the open heart, and she would have no matter what she did or where she went, for this is tattooed on her life like a compass and she had to get there.

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Francisco Savler

Francisco works with the Seraphim Angels in Lisbon, Portugal, with the Heaven project. 

His internal process began many years ago but it was in 2009, when he made a commitment and purpose to the Angelic Energy everything accelerated and since then through believing, dedication and study he has experienced growth and expansion.

For him Angelic Energy is a life project of constant, dynamic expansion and in December 2012, he began working with Saxon Knight which for him confirmed all the sweetness and power of Seraphim Angels.

Seraphim Energy is at the center of his life and the meeting with the Seraphim Angels was deep and life changing.

Francisco is also a Heart Healer. It was the connection to Love and Divine Grace that led him to expand and deepen his relationship with the Seraphim and to open his heart to a life mission of helping and supporting others.

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