The Seraphim Angels

Nothing is more powerful or more effective
in assisting in awakening and enlightenment
into the light of the Spiritual Heart
than the radiance of the Seraphim.


The Grace We Bring

Divine Grace is a treasured gift from the Divine. 

All we ask is complete trust and belief,
for this will enhance your ability to receive all that is offered to you.

We give you the gift of Love. 
This Love of the Divine can resolve all problems, can heal all ills,
it is the priceless treasure of the universe.

We bring you the words and the way to extend your love.

We can ignite your life and open your heart to love as you weep with joy at the peace and calm you find there.

In Loving Devotion
The Seraphim Angels


Who are the Seraphim?

"We are known and understood from the writings in the ancient texts and from the traditions that have arisen when more importance and interest was placed upon the connection with Angels.

In our world we walk amongst wise and noble sages, Seers, teachers, artists, rulers of great kingdoms, musicians, mothers, children and fathers, the beloved and unbeloved, the poor and the wealthy all together in harmony and balance. A place where there is no restriction or judgment.

Your connection with Angels has always been about partnership, union and oneness. It has never been about externalizing our relationship.

However you have decided that you are not worthy to receive the gift of Divine Grace – and our companionship and devotion – and believe you are beneath it.

The Seraphim Angels are the guardians of Divine Grace and we hold the power to ensure the purity of this love that is available to all.

As more people are called to seek for joy and happiness they are finding it more and more in their spiritual heart rather than within wealth and possessions. As more people are being awakened and seeking their own unique journey more love is coming to earth and with this love comes the Seraphim Angels.”



Seraphim are here to assist us.

Divine Grace and the Seraphim.

The advancement and expansion of the human world through discovery and adventure in the fields of science and technology has created an abundance of unanswered questions. Some of these are based on fear and dread for the future and safety of families and homes.

But some are based on the quest for knowledge and some for power and some for the pure joy of expressing existence in this constantly changing universe.

These prayers, conversations, entreaties and requests by so many have been answered by the Divine by sending the Seraphim to assist us.

They have come to teach you the way of the Divine and to open up the hearts and minds of everyone who is seeking more in their lives than fear, suffering, regret and denial.

You always move nearer to the Divine and Divine Grace through connection to the Seraphim.

The Seraphim are surrounded by the cool white flames of purification. They absorb the Light and Fire of the Divine and we receive this as Divine Grace.

They are immense and powerful surrounded by flames of magnificence, splendor and brilliance.

They are here to help you achieve your ultimate success within your reunion with the Divine, to return to oneness within your Spiritual Heart and Soul.

They have come from the presence of the Divine, they are the presence of Grace. They bring this amazing Grace and Light so we can access it in our lives.

Saxon Knight



Seraphim Energy Experience


The Seraphim and your Spiritual Heart

Every day your soul calls to you to unite with your spiritual heart, with the love within.

You can achieve and reach union with the Divine moment by moment, cell by cell. Through your thoughts, your heart, your feelings and your actions.

Achieving this state of union with the Divine within is not so you can escape your life or to be pious. It is not about being different or better, but because you hear the call of your soul and you desire so strongly this oneness with the Divine.

Being in oneness and being spiritual is not a sterile or a bland state, it is not about being rigid in thinking or striving to be humanly perfect, it is about fluidity, action and love. The Divine sees your heart and sees the pure desires of your heart.

Following the path of the Seraphim is based on practical steps and is easily achievable. It is never about rituals and complicated techniques, it is a mystical path.

Everything can be transformed by the sacred fire of the Seraphim. They come with the all-consuming fire of the Divine and when we allow it they can restore all the shadows in the mind to balance and light.

The Divine is a living fire and you can unite with this fire, the flame of the Divine. To be transformed, to be illuminated and enter into total oneness.

The Divine Love of the universe surrounds you in each moment and if you listen it is telling you that this is the day when you can begin your union. The role of the Seraphim is to help us in this process.


The Path to Oneness

Oneness is an amazing path of happiness and joy and you will be supported and cared for by the Seraphim so you can have the courage to walk this path and succeed in everything.

The Seraphim respect and worship the light in each one of us, whether it is just a small spark of light or a glowing inferno. They worship and respect the light that glows in the heart of each one.

The Seraphim energy is the Divine path, and if we follow we can receive union and oneness because they command this light, they serve this light, it is who they are.

Responding to your spiritual heart can build a strong foundation for your life.

There is a need to heal the separated parts of you and you can do this with the help of the Seraphim.

When you have this wholeness everything in your life begins to be successful.

The Seraphim are fierce with a great passion.  They have a tremendous and overwhelming determination and they infuse you with that determination, courage and passion so you can receive your success.

But you cannot just dip you toe in this energy, in the fire of the Seraphim; you have to live it, to become it, to adopt it.

Adopt the flame of your achievement, become the joy of success, live in the state of victory, act as successful, and always reminding yourself you have to take action.

You have to be the victory you want, the victory you desire with incredible passion.

The Seraphim can help you overcome doubts, feelings of unworthiness and pessimism when the doubts creep in and you feel you just cannot achieve your goals and dreams.

Whenever you are feeling in doubt call on the Seraphim, the angels of victory and ask for the gift of courage, power and fire.



Personal Experiences

"Saxon, it took me two weeks to finally sit down and write something. I wish I could give words to all my deep feelings of love and gratitude, but I cannot.

When I started your first course I had a lot of trouble in the beginning, but I plodded on and completed it.

This time when I started I promised myself to listen each and every day to the immersions and the breathing space. And I did just that. This time each day was full of joy and anticipation. Six weeks of ease and grace. Dedication seems really to be the key!!


"I am overflowing in the fullness of Divine Grace....I find I know the true meaning of the word bliss now fully.

Much love from a deeply grateful heart

Meeting you changed my life!"


"Dearest Saxon,
I cannot find words to express my deep gratitude I feel for what we are receiving from you and the Seraphim Angels. The deep stirring I feel in my heart cannot be compared to any other experiences I had for a long time. The many spiritual teachings I’ve listened to, even though I love them all, I could not find the one that filled my heart with so much love as your beautiful Divine Seraphim teaching. Much, much appreciation and gratitude for all you do for us.

Many blessings...Love Gizel Australia"



In Loving Devotion
The Seraphim